Starting a business or creating a product can quickly become overwhelming. It takes professional skills and the right connections to move from having a concept to a product. Let us walk you through the process. No matter what level of experience or expertise you bring to the table, we can help you make your ideas a reality.

Our Process


We don’t just build your ideas, we become a part of your team! From design help to business advice we are here to help. Contact us to set up a meeting


From a napkin sketch to a fully formed product, we have the knowledge and expertise to help take you to the next level. 


Build it fast to validate your concept. Build it beautifully to impress an investor or client. We work to deliver what you need.

Design Capabilities 

Our team has a wide range of knowledge in the prototyping world. We can develop and refine your idea and put you in a position to manufacture the final result.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) 

Firmware for embedded systems 

Website Back-End 

PCB design

Connected systems 

Computer vision

Design for manufacturing 

Electronics Design

System troubleshooting

Personal Projects 

We have signed non disclosure agreements with most of our clients, so here is a few personal projects that showcase some of our skill sets 

Giant 3D printer

Design completely from the ground up this 3D printer offers high resolution, and a bigger volume of printable area than any commercial 3D printer!

Custom LED Sign 

Featuring 500+ RGB Leds this sign has unlimited potential. Come down and play the piano and watch the sigh dance with you!

Connected Solutions 

We have numerous projects showcasing the latest in Wifi Cellular, Radio and Bluetooth. Watch this device find the sun! 

Prototyping Processes 

CNC Machining 

Need a part made of metal? We offer CNC prototyping both in-house with our partner resources.

3D Printing

With a range of ultra high quality and ultra high speed we will fit your 3D printing needs. 

Laser Cutting

Laser cutters are one of the best rapid prototyping tools. Its a precise and inexpensive way to validate concepts. 


We have an electronics lab that allows us to develop all kinds of new solutions. From simple breadboard to PCB we can do it


With all kinds of equipment at our disposal we test prototypes and find all the weak spots before moving to production.


If we cant build it, we know someone who can. We will use our network to propel your idea forward. 



“This is not a team that runs away from the twists and turns of new product development, and their keen minds on efficient value-based problem solving will have you wanting to make them a permanent part of your development family. Highly recommend.”

Mark Lorkowski

“Nevada Jumpstarters was a God-send for our project – They took the time to deeply understand our needs and then were full partners in execution: they make good things happen fast.  We highly recommend them to anyone that needs innovative, energetic, professional and reliable help taking a product idea from concept to reality.”

Scott Tait 

Dorma co-founder

“Nevada Jumpstarter delivered our project in record time, beating out teams from large universities and industrial contractors. They helped us iterate off our own ideas, not just taking a spec and running with it, but improving on the overall design and deliverables.”

Eric Kanagy

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