COVID-19 Aid

We have been working directly with local hospitals to develop battery packs and hose adapters for respirators. Jumpstarter designed assembled and delivered 100 units on a 2 week timetable. donated the Laser-cut metal parts.

IOT projects

We have developed numerous IOT enabled products. Custom PCB, hardware and firmware design all developed by Nevada Jumpstarter

Large Format 3D printer

We developed our own large format (550x550x850mm build volume) 3D printer. It features a water-cooled dual extrusion nozzle designed custom from the ground up, along with a custom designed frame and linear motion system. The printer has hundreds oh hours printing prototypes and models

We have developed an assortment of motors form solenoids to Brushless DC motors. We also have a vast array of experience implementing motors for various projects.

RGB LED Sign with individual letter and pixel control. This sign can also be connected to a MIDI jack and play along with music

Cribbage Boards

Custom cribbage boards design for injection molding and prototyped with an MJF 3D printer. Numerous prototypes were developed along with a wooden snake board. All prototypes were CNC machined or 3D printed. Additionally we anodized an aluminum prototype in house

Vacuum forming

We utilized our large format 3D printer to make a mold for a vacuum formed fender on an XR400r. It features a built in LED brake light and turn signal.